Teleport Codes

Another selection of GameShark/CB/AR2/ARMax codes from edisoncarter. Enjoy! Teleport Codes Easily teleport from city to city. You end up in front of another restaurant after teleporting, so just get yourself to any restaurant that’s handy and you can make it to the city you want within a few hops. Los Santos via Burgershot (GameShark/CB/AR2 NTSC)20C9D374 4503000020C9D378 C4E1D00020C9D37C 4150000010C9D386 00000000 �

Hidden Interiors

These codes enable you to access interiors such as Wu Zi Mu’s betting store, that you can’t normally access during gameplay. Most of them are only used in cutscenes, during one particular mission, and some weren’t used in the game at all. To access these interiors, select the necessary code, enter the “via” location and you are automatically taken to

ARMax: Jetpack Unlimited Height Code

We thought it was only possible for Gameshark owners, but now, thanks to edisoncarter we have a jetpack unlimited height code for Action Replay (PAL). Jetpack Unlimited Height ARMax PAL:QEV6-PTCF-814EGV8YR-XBTR-XHH34HW3F-ZP82-3YGR0B6BF-0NBM-N5X3T To tell once you have reached the maximum height, push forward and back on your PS2 controller. If they no longer work as they should, you have reached the maximum

An interesting discovery

* Don’t read any further if you don’t want the game spoiled! Many people wondered if it was possible to cruise Liberty City during the mission ‘St. Marks Bistro’ and PS2-Scene have discovered a way that makes this possible. However, you can only roam a small area in Portland (it’s an interior high up in the sky, for sake of interest). Gameshark codes are