First Digital GTA IV Screenshot

Apart from the five official screenshots released by Rockstar Games, and those captured from the first official trailer, so far we’ve only come to see screenshots printed in magazine publications, which of course were graciously ported over to the web by way of a revolutionary digital invention, the almighty scanner. In order for us not to breach the copyright law, in which

First Xbox Trailer

IGN have just released the first ever GTA San Andreas Xbox footage. The trailer is 58 seconds long, and there doesn’t appear to be any significant difference (in terms of gameplay) between the Xbox version and the Playstation2 version. Link: GTA San Andreas Xbox Trailer

First Online PC Screens and Info

GameSpy, IGN, and Lamespot have all just posted early hands-on previews of the PC version of San An. All their screenshots are the same, and they all say pretty much the same thing about the game, but with enough divergence in the info to warrant checking out all three. Gamespy, for instance, says that “mod tools should extend the game’s life” in the