IGN & EuroGamer Previews

IGN and EuroGamer have released new (and rather in-depth) previews of Vice City Stories, along with several brand new screenshots. Links: IGN Preview; EuroGamer Preview Update: There is also a new screenshot over at GamesRadar, check it out:

Liberty City Stories for PS2 delayed?

Eurogamer are reporting of a possible delay of the PS2 version of Liberty City Stories. Rockstar had never announced a specific date, though a late-April release was expected. “Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories won’t be out on PlayStation 2 until at least the end of May, Rockstar reckons. Speaking to Eurogamer today, a spokesperson said “it’s looking like it’ll be

More Previews

This weekend the big secret was revealed – Grand Theft Auto is going multiplayer. TotalVideoGames, Euro Gamer and 1UP tell us about it: “Easily accessible at any time, the Multiplayer mode allows six gamers to battle across seven different gametypes, including the aforementioned Deathmatch, a Capture the Flag based mode called Get Stretch, and a team-only game entitled Protection Racket.

Official Trailer nearing…

Eurogamer has put up a new preview. Nothing notably new in it, as they haven’t been shown any newer versions of San Andreas. However, along with the preview, they claim that the official trailer for GTA: San Andreas will be released within the week. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is due for release on October 22nd. Check out the official trailer