GTA V to be available on the Epic Games Store for free?

GTA V to be available on the Epic Games Store for free?

Yesterday, many reports surfaced around the Internet that GTA V was going to be Epic Games Store’s next free game for their weekly free game giveaways. Epic usually teases their upcoming free games, but there was no teaser for today’s game whatsoever. Today, a deleted tweet by Epic (looks like the intern posted it too early!) confirms it – Grand

Downloadable Soundtrack via R* Social Club

Hot on the heels of the Rockstar Games Social Club announcement comes further news of its functionality. Rockstar Games has joined forces with Amazon to provide a music download service for the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack. Any currently playing track in the game can be ‘marked’ for future reference, by means of the personal assistant / mobile phone gadget

SA-MP Update: v0.2.2 Released

A new version of San Andreas Multiplayer has just been released, so be sure to download the new client if you want to continue playing on the best servers. This is mainly a bug-fix release, with some minor features added. See a full list of the new features below, and use the download links at the bottom of this post

GTA IV Trailer Released!

Straight to the trailer download! Breakfast is served. Fetch the GTA4 trailer over at or on our own GTA IV trailer page. We have our downloadable torrent up and streaming version coming shortly, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out our screenshots page. Digg it!

San Andreas Xbox Trailer Public Download

Following on from news yesterday about the first Xbox trailer release, we contacted Rockstar about getting a public download of the trailer. The official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox site has been updated and the trailer is available in a variety of different sizes and formats in the media section. Direct Links: Quicktime High / Low. Windows Media High / Low.