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Rockstar Releases Digital Screenshots

We’ve been provided with some digital versions of the screenshots you have all been enjoying in print previews. Now let’s hear all the criticism that our lovely GTA fans can give us. We know you want to pick these apart. Here’s your chance. In other news, the cost of the GTA IV special edition in Australia has been confirmed as $149.95.

Gaming Websites Preview GTA IV, New Screenshots Released

Tired of waiting for magazine articles to leak to the web, only to find that the pages are filled with little more than a rehashing of already known information? Us too. Nothing says “I stayed up late for THIS?” like coming face-to-face with GTA IV content that was first released weeks ago. Thank Mork for gaming websites. If it wasn’t

4 Digital Screenshots Emerge

Tired of looking at grainy, compressed, watermarked screenshot scans? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that 4 digital screenshots of GTA:VCS have emerged online. Check them out: Thanks to Jordan @ our partnersite PlanetGTA for these.