Sound Off: The Great GTA V Divide Mk 2

Sound Off: The Great GTA V Divide Mk 2

Welcome to the latest edition of Sound Off, where we once again discuss GTAV’s re-release, expectations, communication, and now a new trailer that has surprised everyone, but not in a good way. Firstly, let us get the facts of the announcement of the way, just we’re all at a baseline! Sony held their much anticipated PlayStation Showcase a few days

Take2 still refuses to pinpoint GTA IV release

After the non-news a few days ago about Take2 still not having a release date for GTA IV, some people apparently assumed that meant the game was delayed or something. Whether this was due to lack of reading comprehension skills, Rockstar hating, or general tinfoil hattery is unknown. What we do know is that Gamespot contacted Strauss Zelnick to “set the record

Take2 refuses to pinpoint GTA IV release

Take2 Interactive chairman Strauss Zelnick is refusing to narrow down GTA IV’s release date, saying they won’t commit until they are “utterly convinced” that the game is ready. He spoke at a BMO Capital Markets conference: “It’s a fair question given that we weren’t able to stick to our firm date the last time. We’re going to give a firm

Is that tumbleweed?

Things have been quiet around here for far too long. After the announcement of GTA IV�s delay and the predictable reaction from the community, it�s as if everything just came to a standstill. Recently, there�s been a significant lack of news to cover. Most fansites are turning to filler as a crutch to lean on. And for those of us

Community Spotlight: GTA IV Delayed

Yesterday we broke the news that the release of GTA IV has been pushed back until around the spring of ’08. The reactions that followed were overwhelmingly broad in terms of tone and severity, but all managed to be (mostly) predictable. The GTAForums thread devoted to discussing the delay (at the time of writing this) has already accumulated in excess of 800 replies and

Analyst: PS3 caused GTA IV delay

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes that Rockstar has delayed the release of Grand Theft Auto IV because it is struggling with development on the PlayStation 3. And since it’s likely that Rockstar had an agreement with Sony not to favour one console over the other, it means they can’t release one version and delay the other. “We think it

New Grand Theft Auto title for the PSP announced

Take-Two Games have made a statement regarding the delay of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories in many european countries yet at the same time, confirmed that one of the two other titles being developed is a new Grand Theft Auto. We can expect more information about this to follow within the next few months. Take-Two is reducing its fiscal

Liberty City Stories Delayed?

Some news that may disappoint you – the UK release of GTA: Liberty City Stories has apparently been delayed for one week. Neither Rockstar Games or publisher Take2 Interactive confirmed these reports, but UK game distributor Gem have announced that November 4th is the new release date. We’re currently doing our best to find out more. Source: Pro-G EDIT: I’ve just got off the