Teleport Codes

Another selection of GameShark/CB/AR2/ARMax codes from edisoncarter. Enjoy! Teleport Codes Easily teleport from city to city. You end up in front of another restaurant after teleporting, so just get yourself to any restaurant that’s handy and you can make it to the city you want within a few hops. Los Santos via Burgershot (GameShark/CB/AR2 NTSC)20C9D374 4503000020C9D378 C4E1D00020C9D37C 4150000010C9D386 00000000 �

Code Hackers on the Loose!

The GFCC, having made a name for itself by churning our Gameshark codes for both GTA3 and Vice City, is awakening. With the PS2 release having a comfortable exclusive, the GFCC guys will have plenty of fun making all kinds of wicked Gameshark codes for you. Have a look around their San Andreas hacking forum for all kinds of codes ranging from stamina