Assemblyman Yee, World Champion of Oxymorons

Gamespot¬†reported today on yet more saber rattling from every gamer’s new favorite California State Assemblyman, Leland Yee. In a rather odd turn of events (though not altogether new in the world of politics), Mr. Yee found time to make a statement which totally contradicts itself. Brace yourself for this one, as the “logic” involved could cause whiplash. “If, in fact,

ARMax: Jetpack Unlimited Height Code

We thought it was only possible for Gameshark owners, but now, thanks to edisoncarter we have a jetpack unlimited height code for Action Replay (PAL). Jetpack Unlimited Height ARMax PAL:QEV6-PTCF-814EGV8YR-XBTR-XHH34HW3F-ZP82-3YGR0B6BF-0NBM-N5X3T To tell once you have reached the maximum height, push forward and back on your PS2 controller. If they no longer work as they should, you have reached the maximum