A closer look at GTA Advance

IGN have given us out first real taste of what to expect in GTA Advance, with an exclusive preview focusing on the new game. And when you drive a cop car, ambulance, or taxi, you can trigger specific events that will net you some serious cash. Police vehicles have “Vigilante Mode” missions where you’ll get to take out random criminals for cash. In

New Preview & GTA Advance

The new Edge magazine (Issue 141) contains a two-page round-up of all the latest information about robberies and customisation. Also included were 2 brand new screenshots – Obese Carl on the BMX Bycicle, and CJ in the Cluckin’ Bell. The magazine is on sale 2nd September, priced £4.00 GTA Advance will be released for the Gameboy Advance on October 19th 2004 (Same