Modified Trailer Circulating TV Channels

Some days ago we were told that a modified version of the San Andreas trailer started circulating airwaves, first seen on G4TechTV. Rockstar seems to have keep quiet about it, but there is some additional footage in the trailer, along with some changed scenes. Today, courtesy of Timka we have a videocap of the trailer to show you. This particular advert was recorded

Postcards and Teasers

After a long night of drinking the best drink in the world, Bacardi, I came home to see nice new goodies from Rockstar. There’s a new postcard series and two new teaser sites. If you want to send a friend a San Andreas postcard, look on the updated Desktops page. The adverts for the new teasers sites are as follows: Enjoy

And so the campaign begins…

Do forums kick ass? Yes they do. They do indeed. Not just for the community & conversation, but for the little bits of new stuff you can uncover, as well. GTAForums member High247 recently gave us a looksee at a new San Andreas magazine ad, which appeared in this month’s EGM issue. We can only assume that more advertisements in magazines (and other publication