What Rockstar said about “Universes”

My apologies if you got a sudden rush of excitement in thinking that this is entirely new news; however, I think some might find this as news to them! After seeing several GTA fans talk about or speculate on the return of characters from previous games to GTAV, be it Carl Johnson from San Andreas and/or Tommy Vercetti from Vice

More GTA V details “in a few months” – Rockstar

Rockstar has more or less confirmed that there will be no new details regarding GTA V until after Max Payne 3 is released in May. Here is what they said: First of all, we’d like to again thank you and everyone out there for the amazing response to the debut Grand Theft Auto V trailer. We know that there are

Rockstar Acknowledges GTA Fans

Rockstar is currently in full marketing mode with the recent announcement and trailer launch of Max Payne 3, due for release in March 2012. Despite their best efforts, fans have persistently been asking about Grand Theft Auto and we’re all too familiar with how they avoid such questions! However, thanks to a Max Payne 3 Q&A session on Rockstar’s own Newswire, there has