Snap Highlight: Red Dead Beauty

It’s been a while since the last time we have highlighted some of the community’s latest and greatest virtual photography shots in Rockstar’s games, but as we mentioned before in our Chatterbox, we’re trying to get things back on track as much as possible, especially given GTANet’s 20th anniversary is coming pretty soon 👀

That said, the photographs never stop in the world of Virtual Photography, and we have plenty of good stuff to show this time around, so check out some of our picks for this Snap Highlight, which revolves around landscapes, characters, colours, everything that Red Dead Redemption 2 has to offer!

We start out with an amazing collage by already-known talented virtual photographer @Fallendutch on Twitter (also responsible for some great GTA Online visual trickery), or Dutchy, showing a detailed close-up of Arthur Morgan and all the details put into his character model. Impressive. Be sure to click the link in the photo’s caption to see it in full resolution!

Next up, Adam Plumb (@adambomb2mk on Twitter) shows us an amazing RDR2 landscape, filled with the typical very pretty lighting and clouds from the game shining on the wilderness and that farm by the center of the image. Very nice lighting and very nice framing.

The towns in RDR2 are full of their own secrets and specific lighting and particle effects that make the experience look even more realistic and immersive. Matt aka @MdeavorVP on Twitter set out to capture Rhodes at one of its prettiest moments, with dirt being lifted from the ground by the wind, and an impressive choice of weather and time of day to set-up the shot. Just look at how quaint it is! The original tweet has some other really nice shots you should check out.

Speaking of pretty, that is what the wildlife in RDR2 is – that is, when it doesn’t want to eat you alive or take you hostage to their lair. Maria J Hort aka @M_Joe_Hort went on a little trip to take some wildlife pictures, except that first one in their original tweet looks a bit intimidating, and we’re going to assume only one of them was left alive from that shot. We’re showing a cute iguana here though, be sure to check out their tweet for more!

Below, we’re showing some other of our picks, with the associated links so you can check out more of the same good stuff by each virtual photographer and perhaps even give them a follow on social media for more!