San Andreas brings down the house. Again.

San An is bringing down the house yet again – minus Queen Latifah, unfortunately.

Four days ago, we enthusiastically reported on the 677,000-some copies that have been torn from store shelves across the UK; a record-breaking first week sale that beat down the first week release of Vice City – which sold 250,000 in it’s first week – by over 400,000 units.

Well, I’m proud to now report that San Andreas has officially smashed industry records yet again. In the nine days since San Andreas was released in the United Kingdom, over one million copies of the game have been sold. Do the math, and you’ll find that in the past 4 days, more copies of SA have been sold than in the entire first week of Vice City. Yikes!

This puts San Andreas on the map as the fastest selling PS2 title, the first PS2 game to hit a million units this quickly, and the 4th largest Playstation 2 title to reach our grubby little hands thus far.

Hopes in the GTA community are that San Andreas will become the top selling game in UK history – and with a start like this, it’s a definite possibility.

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