Rockstar Teases Content to Come for GTA Online

Yesterday, Rockstar has teased all the new content that is coming to GTA Online within the next few weeks to months!


Coming soon to GTA Online, Transform Races will bring you back to the good old Multi Theft Auto San Andreas race days, where you can instantly switch vehicles as you hit land, sea or air, marking the next step in making Stunt Races more dynamic. Race creators need not worry, this content will be available to them “later this year”, according to Rockstar. Transform Races are releasing this month of October.

Two new adversary modes are also on the horizon, Condemned, a free for all with one player on the clock as a dead man walking, where you can only survive by passing this death sentence on to an opponent; and Dogfight, where you can “live out your fighter pilot fantasies and send the opposition spiralling to their doom”. Not much was said about these two adversary modes, but they are also coming this Autumn to GTA Online.


The Hunter! The oft-requested Hunter is finally going to be dripfed into the game in the “not too distant future”, along with the brand new Coil Cyclone supercar and the Vigilante, which will allow you to roleplay as Batman in the streets of Los Santos… Personally guessing all of this is coming for Halloween!

More additions should be coming to GTA Online as the year goes, such as new Weaponised Vehicles, inventory updates at Legendary Motorsport and new properties on Maze Bank Foreclosures, along with more content…

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