Red Dead Online Bonuses and Awards for the Week of April 14

Yesterday Rockstar has released a brand-new list of bonuses and goodies for Red Dead Online players for this week, including returning limited apparel and free ability cards.

Freebies and Bonuses

This week, players who play Free Roam Events will be awarded with +50% XP, RDO$ and Gold. Completing any Free Roam Event before the 20th will also earn you a coupon for 50% off any coats below rank 15, if you’re hungry to change your appearance up.

During the weekend (17th-20th), Rockstar is offering free ability card for those who wish to augment their skills.

Returning Clothing

Wheeler, Rawson & Co. have updated their catalogue once again with a new selection of items returning to its pages for a limited time only until the 27th. Check out what they’re adding to the catalogue:

  • Plaid Cap;
  • Folwell Hat;
  • Gardenia Hat;
  • Macbay Jacket;
  • Clymene Coat;
  • Cardozo Vest;
  • Carver Pants;
  • Griffith Chaps;
  • Pelt Half Chaps.

Featured Series

It’s time to go back to prison in this week’s new featured series. Last Stand, randomised weapons and Sisika Penitentiary, what could be better than that?


It’s not all about the combat and the fashion though, as players will also be able to get:

  • 30% off all shotguns, bandoliers and multi-class horses;
  • 70% off all emotes;
  • 50% off all melee weapons;
  • 80% off all ability cards!

80% off Ability Cards is one you should definitely look out for if you wish to refine your skills!