Pressure Closing in From Rivals

With Half Life 2 having been released and Halo 2 out for a bit, it seems San Andreas is getting some very tough competition for the upcoming holiday season. Have a look at what the Philadelphia Inquirer had to say:

This one is big. It is bigger than Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and bigger than anything with Mario or Zelda or Madden in the title. Without question, it is the gaming event of 2004. It is Halo 2.

According to Microsoft, Halo 2 sold 2.4 million copies in North America during its first 24 hours of retail availability. That is an average of 100,000 copies an hour, folks. Overworked cash registers rang up $125 million in opening-day sales – serious change in any business.

– Philadelphia Inquirer, Thursday Nov. 18

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