PC Plus 27 Trainer

Update: Download link fixed, sorry about that.

Just after I post about the +10, +13 trainers it looks like we have something alltogether way better. PiZZADOX has released the trainer of all trainers (at least for the time being!).

Unzip/Unrar trainer into your game directory, then start trainer with “pztrain.exe”. Start the game using the launch button. During gameplay toggle trainer options by pressing the following key combinations:

Hotkey              Option                                          
F6                  Toggle Infinite Health                          
F7                  Toggle Infinite Armor                           
F8                  Toggle Infinite Ammo                            
F9                  Toggle Infinite Run                             
F10                 Toggle Infinite Breath                          
Shift+F6            Toggle Infinite Nitrous                         
F11                 Increase Money                                  
3                   No Wanted Level                                 
5                   Max Wanted Level                                
6                   Toggle One Hit Kill                             
7                   Toggle Bulletproof Vehicles                     
8                   Toggle One Hit Exploding Vehicles               
9                   Toggle Freeze Mission Timer                     
0                   Toggle Freeze Game Clock                        
Shift+3             Get Maximum Muscle                              
Shift+5             Get Maximum Stamina                             
Shift+6             Toggle Max/Min Fat                              
Shift+7             Get Maximum Respect                             
Shift+8             Get Maximum Gambling Skill                      
Shift+9             Get Hitman Level on All Weapons                 
Shift+0             Get 100% Completion                             
Shift+F7            Get Maximum Lung Capacity                       
Shift+F8            Get Maximum Bike/Driving/Cycling/Flying Skill   
Shift+F9            Get 100 Tags                                    
Shift+F10           Get 50 Oysters                                  
Shift+F11           Get 50 Snapshots                                
Shift+Del           Get 50 Horseshoes                               
F12                 Toggle In-Game Menu*

Additional notes about the functionality of these are available in the info file attached to the trainer. Download the trainer now from GTA Garage.