OPM2 Netherlands have released various new gameplay details, and a whole host of new screenshots.

  • You can control the tram cars by yourself.
  • You can adjust the camera in different directions – for example, to prevent a crash during a chase.
  • Tuning with your car will have no effect, only nitro will increase the speed of your car.
  • If you gain enough experience you can control a tow truck. This enables you to lift up vehicles and transport them around the state.
  • The time you can stay under water will be indicated by a blue stamina meter.
  • Underwater, the only weapon you can use is a knife.
  • Rockstar haven’t released any information about animals. Although, OPM2 claim to have seen dolphins between the fishes.
  • It is possible for a plane to crash out of nowhere. Accidents happen.
  • You must have experience, and respect before playing the various differnt casino games.
  • By the end of the game you will have developed a small army of gangs.

A huge thanks to GTAXclusive for the info!

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