Official Strategy Guide

A taste of what to expect in the official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas strategy guide:

  • Detailed mission walkthroughs, with clear instructions of where to drive, and what to do to make the most money & respect with expert strategies.
  • Coverage of the new character abilities including eating, swimming, and more.
  • A picture showroom of all of the game’s vehicles.
  • Detailed maps of the whole state.
  • Hidden package/rampage/unique stunt jump guides, hidden bonuses and other extras.
  • The guide is available to buy on 29th October, consisting of 300 pages (The Vice City guide had 180 pages).
  • The Signature Series guide features cool bonus content, a premium foldout and much more! The guide contains a huge poster showing a map of the three cities, and locations for every side mission.
  • Future-Press is making the official German translation of BradyGames‘ San Andreas guide.

Thanks to GTAScene for the german guide information.

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