New Weekly Bonuses and Nagasaki Shotaro Action

Fancy a trip back to the days where Tron was the future? Miss climbing walls like a spider with your Shotaro? You’re in luck, because Rockstar has made all Deadline matches triple, yes, triple GTA$ and RP from March 12 to 18!

If you don’t yet have a Shotaro (why?!), you can also try your luck at the casino wheel until March 18, you may be the lucky one!

Ill-Gotten Gains

Well, maaaaaybe Deadline and the Shotaro aren’t your thing. Maybe you’d rather be a drug kingpin with proper bikes than riding on toy bikes.

No worries, this week, you can get 40% off MC Business properties and upgrades, along with 35% off the MC Clubhouse Custom Bike Shop.

All Business Battles will be rewarded in triple GTA$ and RP, so if stealing cargo is your thing, it’s waiting for ya.

Misc. Discounts

You will also be able to enjoy some discounts this week on vehicles, and if you’re a Twitch Prime member, you can also reap some benefits out of it all!

  • 40% off the Ocelot Locust;
  • 35% off the Western Rampant Rocket;
  • 35% off the Hakuchou Drag;

Twitch Prime Benefits (until March 31st)

  • GTA$1,000,000 within 72 hours when you link your account;
  • Complete rebate on Pixel Pete’s Arcade in Paleto Bay;
  • 80% off the Pegassi Tempesta and the Vapid FMJ;
  • Additional 10% off everything listed above!