New Showdown Maps for Red Dead Online (Week of 8th April)

If last week’s bonuses weren’t enough for you to sharpen your senses, Rockstar has just introduced four new maps to the Red Dead Online Featured Series, where each player will be armed with just a fistful of throwing knives. Check out the new maps and what they’re about:

  • Overrun: An old-fashioned turf war in Pike’s Basin – capture and retain the most territories to win. Survive and hold on to what’s yours!
  • Plunder: Take control of loot lost around Stillwater Creek and return it to your homebase as quickly as you can before the opposing team takes it away. No players will be blipped in this map so players should be sneaky!
  • Spoils of War: Good old classic game of Capture north of the Annesburg Mines. Defend your stockpile from enemies and steal from them whatever you can to increase your own. Whichever team has the most at the end, wins. No blipping on this map either.
  • Up in Smoke: John Marston’s worst nightmare, this map is set in the Kamassa River, with a frenetic and explosive backdrop. Take a package, and deliver it to your enemy’s camp without them noticing or without getting killed. Team with most packages delivered wins. No blips here!

Rockstar teases some more fresh maps hitting the Showndown Series in the next couple of weeks!