New info from P2

As promised in last months issue, P2 have published an exclusive preview with many new gameplay details – perhaps most importantly, a summary of how gang territory/turf wars function.

“Parts of the on screen map are high lighted in the colours that represent the gang’s own colour. Capturing these areas is a simple (although not easy) task. Once in enemy territory, let the other gang know your intentions by staring to kill members of them.”
Almost before you reload hell has already broken loose and the area on the map flashes red to indicate you’re trying to take over. All you need to do is survive the gang war, which isn’t easy, R* had to do some invinsiblity cheat to do this. After, members of your gang will gradually start to appear in that area. Respect for you.”

– P2 Magazine UK
  • You don’t even have to be playing it to enjoy it. While quizzing R* with questions, the pad was put down and they were paying no attention to CJ on-screen. The game wasn’t any less entertaining – “the various colourful characters wandering around in CJ’s vicinity got up to all sorts of things, chatting, arguing, fighting, one of em even nicked our car from right under CJ’s nose! Just literally watching CJ stand around makes us realise R* have created not a game – but a whole world!”
  • You can try on clothes in shops (before buying) in a changing room.
  • Other gangs territory are highlighted in their colour. When invading, it flashes red.

6 new screenshots were also included. Thanks to DmAc2k6 at IGN Boards for the news.