New GTA4 Details from Official PlayStation Magazine Italy

The latest issue of the Italian OPM contains an 8-page Grand Theft Auto IV preview with some new artwork and a few tidbits of info.

  • During the demo, Niko was seen approaching a bus stop. When he reached it, an icon appeared on-screen that enabled him to control the bus schedule. Is it possible to use the bus service similar to how you can with trains?
  • When Niko pulls out a weapon, the camera positions itself above his shoulder, and a view-finder appears at the centre of the screen. It’s possible to lock a target and move laterally to avoid incoming shots.
  • Stealing a car can no longer be done simply by opening the door and driving off. Now it involves Niko approaching the car sneakily, breaking the glass with his elbow, using the injection cables to start the car, and only then can he use it.
  • Niko can freely climb wherever possible (telephone poles, fire escapes etc.)
  • Philip Glass, the author of the Grand Theft Auto 4 trailer music, will be involved in the production of GTA IV’s soundtrack.
  • The graphical improvements are clearly evident when walking over a grating on the sidewalk. You can see what is underneath it, and the light trickles realistically around the iron bars.

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