New GTA IV Preview in Computerbild-Spiele


The latest issue of German magazine Computerbild-Spiele contains a five-page preview of GTA 4, with eleven new gameplay screenshots and a new piece of artwork. It also contains a short interview with Rockstar Games’ Jeronimo Barrera. Thanks to Freezer89 for the info! We will try to obtain a translation/summary as soon as possible.

Update from Andy:
New information from the article (thanks, GTAlien for translations and Freezer89 for scans + translations!):

  • The preview was hands-on, which means the game was played by the journalists as opposed to a representative from Rockstar.
  • The missions that were played appear to be the same ones that were previewed by the online press last month.
  • Pedestrian reactions are more true-to-life than in previous games.
  • The WASTED! system is still intact. If you die, you end up at the nearest hospital (minus your weapons) the next morning.
  • One button press will get you into a car. A second button press is required to start up the car’s engine.
  • Niko wears a helmet while riding motorcycles.
  • Surroundings are more interactive (bullet holes from gunfire, environment reacting to explosions, etc).
  • You can find “useful things” in cars that you hijack.

We’re staying on top of this as best as we can. We’ll keep you posted if any new bits pop up through further translation. Read about more previews on our previews page.

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