MC Bonuses This Week in GTA Online

Time for Biker MCs to get a turn in this week’s GTA Online bonuses rotation!

Until next Wednesday (13th May), MCs will earn double takings on biker sell missions and clubhouse contracts, and if you’re not leather-clad but still want to take advantage while you’re at home, there’s also double money and RP on Rockstar Transform Races.

Discounts on the way:
35% discount on the Lectro
40% discount on the Shotaro
30% discount on the Krieger
40% discount on the Tempesta
35% discount on the Toros

The Coil Cyclone also features as the top prize on the Lucky Wheel for the gamblers out there.

In addition, a little birdy told us this morning about a certain discount appearing in clothing stores. The purple and green alien suits are now free! Utilised in the Great Alien War, as recently featured by Kotaku, these suits used to come with a bit of a hefty price tag, but this silent change will certainly help the less fortunate players in these extra-terrestrial shenanigans.

Shout out to Rockstar as well for bringing a little community flavour to this weeks Newswire article and featuring some biker snaps from Social Club.

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