Lindsay Lohan loses appeal over “likeness” in GTA V art

Reuters reported today that after the final trial for the famous “bikini girl situation”, celebrity Lindsay Lohan has lost the appeal by a 6-0 vote.

The Court of Appeals of the New York State’s highest court said that Take-Two’s depictions were “nothing more but cultural comment” and added that Take-Two owed the celebrity no damages. According to the judge, Judge Eugene Fahey, although an image like this may constitute a portrait to support an invasion of privacy, all these pictures depicted were generic twenty-something year old women, without any likeness to Lohan.

For those who don’t remember, Lindsay Lohan sued Rockstar over this art from GTA V, claiming it was her likeness and that Rockstar had stolen her likeness. This also happened with the art that depicts a female police officer frisking a criminal.

The outcome of this was more than predictable. It’s not the first time Rockstar is sued over some generic art they release for their games, with celebrities saying the company stole their likeness, as if they even need to do that… Time to get out of your shells, boys and girls.

Thanks Ben from RockstarIntel for the tip and Reuters for the original source!

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