Liberty City in V mod gets new screenshots from GTANF

The Liberty City in V mod is probably one of the most anticipated mods over GTA V PC’s lifespan. When the OpenIV Team first announced it over at the Maps Showroom forum, it was happy days for everyone expecting Liberty City to finally come to GTA V’s engine, especially after a picture of Liberty City had been found on an artist’s portfolio, and more even, after so many people were eagerly anticipating some sort of single player DLC for GTA V that included Liberty City…
Screens have been coming slowly, and those eagerly expecting some brand new screenshots from the OpenIV Team project, can now rest, as GTA Network France (whom our own Yan2295 and are a part of) has gotten four brand new screenshots and an exclusive interview with GooD-NTS, the creator of the mod and lead developer of the OpenIV Team.

You can check out these screenshots below, straight from GTANF’s article (click for full size versions):


You can read the full interview and check out a couple extra screens at their website below, and find a link to the mod’s discussion thread as well.

Interview with the Liberty City in GTA V mod team + Exclusive Screenshots [in French]

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