It’s Hilary!

A statement distributed by the Senator’s office this afternoon sets the scene, stating that “following recent reports revealing that the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has graphic pornographic content which may be unlocked by following instructions on the Internet, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will hold a press conference to discuss legislative solutions to keep inappropriate video game content out of the hands of young people.” The statement makes no mention of asking the FTC to step in, but sources tell GameSpot that this request will be the centerpiece of the Senator’s plea tomorrow.

– Gamespot

It seems that Hilary Clinton is now taking her turn at poking Rockstar Games in the eye with a sharp stick regarding the Hot Coffee modification. It’s essentially the same bit that we’ve been hearing for the past week (Hot Coffee = pixel-porn, Rockstar Games is evil, etc etc), so I’m not going to bother getting into the finicky details of the report. Personally, I think things are being blown way out of proportion – but considering that American media thrives on this sort of drama, it’s understandable.

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