Hot Coffee Bogus? No Way!

Following up on the hot coffee modification news we posted earlier, many were doubtful about its authenticity. Well there’s a new version out which combines Hot Coffee with the state wide open and allows you to travel all around the state to different girlfriends. The mod now also has two different modes. Details:

  • The quick action version, that will bring you quickly to the action, but may spoil your gameplay.
  • The gameplay friendly version, that will show you the action, but doesn’t influence the gameplay. Now you must play the game until you unlock a girlfriend and get her to go “drink coffee” with you.

And for those nonbelievers, we have uploaded a 1:30 video of the interactive coffee session with a girlfriend after a date. See the video now!

Previously posted screenshots of the Hot Coffee modification in action. Many are claiming these are doctored images, however if there is any doubt left after having seen these images and viewing the video, just download and install the modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC.