Headin’ out to paint the town.

Grand Theft Auto (and ultimately Rockstar) once again takes the heat for inspiring young delinquents to perform acts of vandalism, violence, and other criminal mischief.

In Vice City, protests arose over the Rampage sub-mission that instructed you to “Kill the Haitians”. During the golden age of GTA3 (back in November of 2002), GTANet reported that police officials had purchased GTA3 to see whether or not it had any influence on the Washington sniper (link).

This time round, the Tribune-Review (a newspaper based in Pittsburgh) is reporting that a handful of young teens have been running amok in Greensburg, tagging public property with the initials “GUK” and “GKU” (“Gangster Kids United”).

The scapegoat in this case? Surprise surprise, none other than Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The young juveniles claim that they were inspired by the tagging sub-missions performed by Carl in the districts of Los Santos.

The five boys face criminal charges for allegedly “tagging” 16 buildings and objects in the city with the initials GKU and GUK. The crudely painted letters began appearing on city structures Dec. 7, including on a Jewish temple and at the base of a statue outside Westmoreland Museum of American Art.


Remember, kids. San Andreas is a game – not a “How-To” guide to committing crimes. Keep the mischief off the streets and on the screen, please & thanks.

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