GTAV Companion Apps Revealed

Rockstar have announced there they will be two GTAV companion apps available, for free!

Released for iOS devices today and coming shortly to Android, the iFruit app features apps (appception?) connected to the in-game world using your Social Club login.

  • Los Santos Customs – a garage to buy and customise vehicles on-the-go that will be delivered to your in-game garage. You can also reserve your licence plate to use in GTA Online and it will be unique to you! So grab it quick.
  • Chop the Dog – a mini game of sorts where you look after your own virtual Chop; his happiness scale will affect his mood in-game, and you can teach him tricks to use and customise his collar (also in-game!)
  • Social Club and Life Invader – direct access to fulfill all of your Social Club stats and crew needs, as well as Stalking+
  • Misc – alongside those, we have direct links to mobile Rockstar games, the Rockstar store and the official GTAV website!

Secondly is the Grand Theft Auto V Manual. It features a “massive” 100+ page digital booklet that appears to have replaced the traditional paper “tourist” manual that comes in the game case, according to the Newswire.

It’ll be releasing a little later, presumably from release day, on iOS, Android and PC/Mac! Rockstar have given a little sneak peak of what’s inside.