GTAGarage v1 is closed for submissions, v2 announced

We’re pleased to announce development of the new updated GTAGarage, that is aimed for launch later this year. Due to technical difficulties that arised while synchronising our new servers last year, along with a lack of sufficient bandwidth, our upload feature has remained out-of-action since Autumn 2007 – we would like to apologise to all our dedicated modders for the lack of support.

For this reason, we have officially closed GTAGarage for new mod submissions as well as new screenshots and uploads, until the launch of the new, updated system. Please note that all mods and other data will be transferred to the new system at that time, and your GTANet account and other information remains safe. GTAGarage v1 will remain open to the public so all past submissions may be freely downloaded, and will only disappear to be immediately replaced by the new system upon its launch.

Many thanks to all for your continued support of the website and community. Progress reports and other information will be posted in this news feed, along with sneak peaks at the new system. In the meantime, we will also endeavour to repair the screenshots feature.

Best of luck and happy modding!
The Team