GTAForums v4!

After years of waiting, GTAForums v4 is finally live. 

A lot of things are different, a lot are the same, overall we tried to make it as close as possible to the GTAF experience you’ve grown used to. That said, with time new ways of doing things come along and we need to get on board with it, as much as we don’t want to. 

It still looks pretty much like the old GTAF, but it’s brand new, it will take time for the community, and for us, to get used to. GTAForums 2018 is the new default skin, and as it is considered the final thing, we will wait for your feedback in the new few days to make changes where need to.

You can also expect new skins. (RDR2!)

Please use the following threads for support and feedback, check the other links below for information, and feel free to use this thread for general discussion.

– New Forums Support Thread

– GTAForums 2018 Theme Feeback

– Improvements regarding your GTANet account

– Improvements regarding GTAForums