GTA San Andreas Goes VR!

I don’t think many of us tuned into the Facebook Connect event yesterday, Facebook’s Meta’s annual conference highlighting future projects, but as it turns out, we should have!

Unexpectedly, Mark Zuckerberg announced a collaboration with Rockstar Games to bring GTA San Andreas to virtual reality. The game is currently in development for the Oculus Quest 2 (soon to be known as the Meta Quest), the company’s VR headset. The project has apparently be a long time coming, according to the Oculus blog.

Yet to be confirmed is whether the game is actually the Classic San Andreas released in 2004, or the Definitive Edition that’s due for release in just under 2 weeks time – the timing of the announcement sits just right for the remaster, but the surrounding wording is not very clear. Oculus were unable to clarify this on their Twitter account, so perhaps this information will come from Rockstar themselves in due course. We’re also not sure of an intended release date, and whether the game will be exclusive to Oculus or if it’s set to come to Playstation VR as well.

While we’re a little short on details thus far, the announcement certainly took the community by surprise, so we’re excited to see how this one plays out.

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Header from @uNiGTANet