Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Dead Certain

I’ve just gotten off the phone with Jordan from our partnersite PlanetGrandTheftAuto who is in Los Angeles covering E3 as we speak about some information on the dreaded “GTA PSP.” Jordan called me from Aron’s Records store down in Hollywood where he spotted the first GTA Liberty City Stories artwork that’s been reported about so far.

The artwork in question seems to be a large-sized cover of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories title. It has the Grand Theft Auto logo in the centre as is common with Rockstar’s designs, and Liberty City Stories written in a red font underneath it. There is an image of a helicopter with a spotlight in the top right and an outline of the city in the background. In the corner the Rockstar Leeds logo is clearly visible in the white and light blue colors. Most importantly perhaps, the poster bears the text “Coming to PSP This Fall,” indicating the so-far unknown release date for GTA PSP.

The poster has the URL written on the bottom, but that address is as of yet not functional. Stay posted for more information on GTA Liberty City Stories and any photos of the box art in question.

UPDATE: Take2 has issued a press release about the upcoming game, and Rockstar Games has launched the official Liberty City Stories site just moments ago. The game will be shown at E3, albeit behind closed doors and seems to have become the norm for Rockstar Games. The expected release date is September 1st!

UPDATE 2: Jordan has posted the poster of the new GTA PSP game as promised!