Germany Reveals Censorship Details

Recently the German entertainment ratings commission announced that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be released in Germany with the rating from 16. This means the game will be censored, and today we bring you some information on this censorship:

  • There will be NO special animation for headshots.
  • There will be NO “reward” for killing people, for example they will not leave money behind after dying.
  • You will NOT be able to interact with corpses (Such as hitting or kicking dead bodies).
  • Blood effects WILL stay in the game, uncensored.
  • All story missions, weapons and vehicles WILL stay as in the original version.

Are these details a taste of what’s to come for other countries that will be limiting their San Andreas release? Well we know that San Andreas will stay uncut in the United States, having been given the rating M for Mature. The game will also remain uncut in the United Kingdom, where it has been rated as an 18+ game. The Australian version will no doubt be censored, to what degree and if as severely as Vice City is yet unknown.