Gamespot Strikes Again has posted yet another mini-interview about Vice City, this time with Rockstar’s art director Aaron Garbut. The article goes over some of the hard work involved in designing a game world the size of VC, such as flying off to Miami for research and whatnot. [sarcasm]Kind of makes me glad I’m just an amateur level designer.[/sarcasm]

There are a number of intersting bits in the article about the many new locations in the game. There are mentions of 7-11 type stores, jewelers, and even a single building that’s almost as large as Chinatown and the Redlight District from GTA3 combined!

Here’s a quote from the story which I found quite interesting:”We drew everything and made it work from every conceivable distance or height, allowed you go on top of buildings, go inside them, and even in some cases blow them up.”There also a couple of new movies, and five new screenshots to take a look at, so head over there now before they get locked away!

Oh, and is it just me, or is anybody else extremely curious as to whether or not we’ll get to drive that giant crane?