First look at Las Venturas

We finally managed to get our first glimpse of Las Venturas, the third and final city in San Andreas.

The info comes with the latest issue of EGM, who bagged a 6+ page exclusive preview. Some new details were released:

  • There is a casino called “The V-Rock Casino”, based on the Hard Rock Cafe.
  • Other casinos include: Caligula’s Palace, the Visage, Pirates in Men’s pants, and the Pink Swan, all modeled after their real life counterparts in Las Vegas
  • The famous neonlight cowboy in Vegas is also featured, but it is Avery Carrington instead (Character from Vice City).
  • There is a huge Candy Suxxx figure on one of the buildings.
  • You can now gamble in the casinos, you wont be able to acess all of them, but Rockstar claims there will be a lot for you to visit.
  • You can play “tons” of casino games, including blackjack, craps, slots, roulette, video poker, and wheel of fortune. Being a high roller will also help you gain respect.
  • There will be drunken Elvis Impersonators! Rockstar has also paid great attention to detail inside of the casinos.

As for the screenshots..

#1 – A picture of the strip, with the Avery Carrington neon lights, the Candy Suxxx figure, a hotel, a Casino, a giftstore and a car driving by.

#2 – The next screenshot shows a security guard inside a casino, and several card tables and dealers in the background.

#3 – There is a screen of CJ riding down the Ventura strip in his car. Hotels, and more casinos are shown in the background.

#4 – The next picture shows two elvis impersonators standing at the bar inside of the casino.

#5 – Next is a picture of CJ playing a slot machine. Below that is a smaller screenshot of a boat, and more cars driving down the strip in the screenshot next to it.Huge thanks to ChaD4214 for all of the info, and the news!