Financial crisis? I think not.

Disappointing recent numbers put forth by Take-Two’s financial center leave market analysts looking toward the future for prosperity – namely, San Andreas.

Two days ago, the New York Post published an article in the Business Section discussing Take2’s apparent financial decline after the success of its smash hit titles Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City the past 3 years.

The Post reports that Take-Two “missed earnings expectations in its first quarter and will do so again when it announces second-quarter results Tuesday [today]. The company has said it will lose 15 cents per share – down from a previously predicted 33-cent profit.”

The Post speculates that if San Andreas doesn’t follow suit in the line of number one games, Take-Two could be up for takeover by another media company.

Most gamers/market speculators/gaming industry buffs/people with any form of common sense could tell you that San Andreas will almost definitely become another step in the huge money-making franchise that is GTA.

In closing, I’d say T2 has nothing to worry about as of now. With even half the success that GTA3 and Vice put into the company, they’d be able to prosper quite well, let alone survive. Just a bit of hype.

Long live T2!

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Take2’s Investment Press Release