Executives and Other Criminals Update

I hope you have your money bags ready, Rockstar are treating us to a pre-Christmas update of splendor today.

The Executives and Other Criminals update launches later and promises to make it rain in Los Santos (before the Christmas snow, of course). There will new customisable apartments as well as a super yacht you can upgrade for stylish living. We’re guessing there will be a number of new weapon and clothing options to accompany this, but there will also be new land and air vehicles to enjoy. 

Most interestingly is the new “organisations” feature, where you become your own boss as a VIP and recruit a bunch of salary-earning bodyguards to protect you. These bodyguards are actually other players, so you yourself can get a job as a bodyguard for your very important friend and earn bonuses in the process! We’re hoping this provides a very welcome boost in enjoyment of day-to-day life and leisurely activities in Los Santos, as well as some new interesting inter-crew gameplay. 

Find below the official trailer, which casually uses the Wham! song “Everything She Wants” to inform us we’ll be doing what everybody loves doing during the festive season, shopping until we drop.

Official Patch Notes are located here

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