Exclusive GTAV Content for New-Generation Players

With less than a month to go until we finally get to feast our eyes on the beauty that is new-generation Grand Theft Auto V, today we received a sneak peek of what’s to come with new exclusive content revealed. Rockstar have announced that players returning to the series by buying one of the new versions will have access to exclusive…


  • Imponte Duke O’Death muscle car
  • Dodo seaplane
  • Xero blimp
  • Cheval Marshall monster truck
  • Kraken submarine
  • Go Go Monkey blista
  • Classic GTA muscle cars


  • Rail Gun
  • Hatchet melee axe


  • Stock Car races – new racing mode to unlock classic GTA muscle cars
  • Wildlife snapmatic challenge – find and photograph all of the new and existing wildlife across Los Santos to unlock the Kraken sub (Franklin)
  • Monkey Symbol snapmatic challenge – find and photograph strange monkey symbols to unlock the Go Go Monkey blista
  • Murder Mystery challenge – solve a mystery murder to unlock two Noir style snapmatic filters (Michael)


  • Pre-orders will receive $1 million Los Santos dollars in cash, split to use in story mode and GTA Online


  • Players will be able to transfer their GTA Online progression to their new-generation platform of choice

Remember, this is only the exclusive content for returning GTA V players, we’re also promised plenty more exciting surprises for the new versions all round in addition to this.

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