EGM – FULL Summary

Last week we brought you some news on the Las Venturas preview featured in the novemeber issue of EGM. Now we bring you the full summary.

You first see it as a smudge of apocalyptic pink on the desert horizon. But cruise closer to Las Venturas on your soft seated wayfarer–San Andreas version of a classic luxury touring cycle from the early 90’s–and the smoldering simmer resolves into sprawling neon boulevards decked with nods to past GTAs.

– Electronic Gaming Monthly (Novemeber)
  • Rockstar have based the famous neon cowboy figure on Vice City’s Avery Carrington. There is also a billboard featuring Candy Suxxx.
  • The “V-Rock Casino” is San Andreas’ version of the famous Hard Rock Caf�.
  • Rockstar have added many famous landmarks to Las Venturas, some of which include: Caligula’s Palace (Caesar’s Palace), the Visage (The Mirage), Pirates in Men’s Pants (Treasure Island), and the Pink Swan (The Flamingo).
  • You can enter ‘most’ of the casinos. You can gamble at anytime of the day.
  • Within the casinos, you can play blackjack, craps, slots, roulette, video poker, wheel of fortune and more.
  • Different casinos offer different gaming options.
  • You must earn respect before gambling with the ‘big boys’.
  • Cesar’s full name is “Cesar Vialpando”, and he’s a proud member of the Varrios Los Aztecas (A Los Santos gang).
  • Las Venturas features “drunken Elvis impersonators”!
  • The casino interiors are incredible – marbled walls, detailed carpets and chandeliers.

The preview contained various new screenshots of all three cities:

  • Security guard inside a casino, with ‘pit bosses’ in the background.
  • A Las Venturas street, with flashing lights and the neon figure of Avery Carrington.
  • CJ driving down a Las Venturas street, with flashing lights and casinos behind him.
  • Elvis impersonators inside a casino.
  • CJ inside “Victim”, a clothing store in Rodeo, Los Santos.
  • CJ Playing the slot machines.
  • San Andreas’ version of Treasure Island.
  • Some cars lined up outside a city casino.
  • CJ riding a sanchez, outside the Garden Bridge (San Andreas version of the Oakland Bay Bridge).
  • CJ and his brother ‘Sweet’ on BMX bicycles.
  • A gang battle in Los Santos involving the Grove Street Families.
  • CJ inside his Los Santos home.

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