Easy Reading: Eurogamer & Sam Houser Interview

I spotted these a few days ago, but since there wasn’t anything spectacular I opted not to post. Since today seems to be a slow news day, here are two articles to pass your time.

Guns, planes, lorries – more San Andreas details

If there’s nobody worth shooting in the vicinity, the game automatically switches into free aim mode: the left analogue stick has CJ move forwards and backwards and strafe, while the right analogue stick lets you target manually, and L1 becomes the fire button. You can always snap to a target with R2/L2.

In-keeping with the nature of CJ’s world, his proficiency with weapons will also improve over time. When he first gets his hands on the new Desert Eagle, for example, he’ll barely be able to hold it while firing, but in time his skills will improve. Reloading, fire rate and accuracy will all improve as CJ handles more weapons, and as before crouching will improve accuracy in general.


Sam Houser interview: Tough talk from the Don of Grand Theft Auto

He’s presided over one of the most successful and controversial videogame series of all time. He’s Sam Houser, Rockstar Games’ president and one of the driving forces behind Grand Theft Auto. The series has delighted hardcore gamers, infuriated the clueless, and most importantly, introduced videogames to a whole new audience. Love it or hate it, but people still talk about it….

-1up.com Feature

In other news, brief news has been revealed about GTA Advance, mostly revolving around Take2Games putting up a page about it.