Discounts and the Dewbauchee Specter for GTA Online

Benny introduced a new sports car to the Los Santos market today in the form of the Specter, from manufacturer Dewbauchee. The 2 door vehicle is new to GTA and can be purchased in it’s stock form at Benny’s for a cool $599k. As usual a custom version is also available if you like to fancy up your kits for a few thousand benjamins extra. If you want to see how it performs, apparently this guy called Broughy1322 has the best deets.

In addition to the Specter, we’ve been treated to a new Adversary Mode. I mean, it has been a while! The new mode is called Collection Time and comes in 7 maps. The theme is money bags, with players seperated into teams and each given a sackful of cash. The aim is to kill your opponents so they drop their bags and you pick them up for yourself, all while trying to avoid the same happening to you by other players. The team with the most money bags at the end is the winner.

Alongside this we’ve got discounts and money making opportunities to keep us going for the rest of the month:

  • 25% discount off – Benny’s upgrades, Executive Office garage upgrades, Executive Office auto shop upgrades, Biker businesses, Import/Export tattoos
  • Double money and RP – new Adversary Mode Collection Time
  • Double money and RP – Biker contracts
  • Double money and RP – Special Vehicle work
  • Premium stunt race – Chiliad

All until 30th January.

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