Digging Graves, Flying Airlines and ‘The Game’ Voice Actor

A few days ago, a topic surfaced on the forums with a preview by a rather unknown site which claimed that the shovel could be used to bury shallow holes to dig people in. Being the ‘intelligent’ GTA fans we are, we decided this was just creative writing on behalf of the writer of that preview, and we elected not to post the information.

Now another fansite gave us the heads-up that a british online shopping website is reporting similar information. They also claim that the shovel can be used for the burial of dead bodies. How this will work, we have no clue, and the authenticity of this information is still to be confirmed.

[the shovel], often found in people’s back yards, is famous for providing the ability to perform important soil related tasks such as digging shallow graves
– cybershack.com

you can even use it to dig a shallow grave for the poor unfortunate
– special reserve uk

This newish information was also presented with the two articles, some of it confirmed and the rest to be taken with a pinch of salt.

  • While in airplanes, attitude and altitude meters will be displayed.
  • Fires will spread, and you will be able to start forest fires (and extinguish them with a fire extinguisher).
  • You will be able to take airplanes from the airport to fly from city to city to save travel time. (Recap)
  • One of the strongest weapons in the game will be the Deagle (Desert Eagle), which will prove a challenge to shoot and aim at first, but your accuracy will improve with practice. (Recap)

On another note, Interscope and G-Unit artist The Game will be doing voice acting for the character B-Dup. This has been confirmed by a website that seems to be offline at the moment. You can find a sample of his voice on the official site, by going into the Ganton area, selecting “B-Dup’s house” and listening to the audio clip.

Finally, a ‘men’s magazine’ in the UK called FHM has done a print preview of San Andreas in their latest issue. Inside are a few new screenshots (nothing major), we’ll have a full summary for you tonight, tomorrow or in a few days.

Copies of all the above news and discussions on it can be found in the Official News & Information forums.