Dance Hall Days: Nightclub Week in GTA Online

After some mystery downtime across both GTA Online and Red Dead Online last night, we got an “after hours” Newswire article about After Hours bonuses coming to Los Santos this week.

Nightclub owners are treated to double money and RP on income earn rates and business battles, and if you’ve not yet invested but fancy dipping your toe into the scene, nightclubs locations have had their prices slashed by 50%.

If you’re more of a rider than a dancer, MC clubhouses and businesses have also been given a 50% discount.

Hunting Pack (Remix) adversary mode gets a whopping triple money and RP if you’re just looking to earn, and the Declasse Scramjet takes top spot on the podium of the Lucky Wheel.

There’s also a few vehicular discounts for 40-50% off if you’ve got any garage space left.

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