CVG: Exclusive Interview with Rockstar

The guys over at CVG have come up trumps this week with a very special interview for their weekly GTA 5 o’ Clock series. They spoken openly with Imran Sarwar, producer and lead mission designer at Rockstar North.

It’s interesting to note that developers rarely give interviews like this, so it certainly is interesting to listen to them speak openly about the game they have been working on for so long.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the main points discussed, many thanks to GTAForums member upyoustolemylungs

  • “Over 1,000 car customization options” (Bulletproof tires, armor, etc.)
  • Car will turn up in an impound if left in the street. Must pay a fine to retrieve it
  • You can’t directly “weaponize” your car, but there are a lot of little options. (Car leaking petrol and light em up, sticky bombs)
  • Guns will be with you throughout the whole game
  • Customized guns will broaden range of options during missions. (Stealthy vs. loud, Scope, etc.)
  • Moved from static fights to free focus. Quickly switch your focus to other enemies. No longer need to lock on to enemies, although you can lock on if you wish
  • “Hits are much more satisfying”
  • Each character has different animation. Strength stat has a bearing on melee capability
  • Expect really cool destruction/carnage/damage
  • Combat AI much more advance with more knowledge of environment
  • Enemies will behave different by who they are (SWAT is organized, gang members are more “gung ho”)
  • 3 protag will feel natural and will not feel like a balancing act, allowing the game to feel more natural. (if Franklin and Michael are in a car, you can drive as Michael, switch to Franklin, and Michael will continue driving)
  • Shooting stat will affect steadiness of aim, amount of ammo you can carry, aim stability, etc. (You can go to the shooting range to increase stat. Also goes up if you kill an enemy. You are rewarded for better kills like head shots)
  • Car horns can be customized

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