Community Spotlight: Roundup

It’s all been quiet on the official news front for Grand Theft Auto V, so what have fans been discussing over the last month?

Rockstar have been busy promoting Max Payne 3, which has now released internationally on consoles. The revamping of Social Club and introduction of crews has set a high standard of expectations for GTA V multiplayer; you can join our community crews now!
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Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has created a fresh buzz around the release date speculation with its recent financial conference on 22nd May. As reported last year, Take-Two projected that their shares will reach $2 for the current fiscal year, which ends on 31st March 2013. In the latest earnings report, the company has once again projected that the shares will reach up to $2.25. To add fuel to the fire, it was indicated that 60% of their income for the year will come from Rockstar, and analysts agree that such a strong number would be impossible without a big title like Grand Theft Auto.
Do these numbers mean we’ll see GTA V before March 2013? Take your guess in the following topic and see what other members think.
Guess the Release Date! by DTUMan

Next month will bring us the major video game convention E3, set to take place on 5-7 June with Take-Two as confirmed exhibitors. There is speculation that we could get some much awaited GTA details, but past history has shown Rockstar tend to avoid these events to promote their games. Could Rockstar break tradition and use E3 to reveal a second trailer or release date?
Official E3 topic by Ricardovdvegt / Rockstar are to be at E3 by Chickenwing

On a final note, what’s your favourite pastime in the Grand Theft Auto universe; is it cruising along in your stolen car listening to the radio? This community contest created by forum member oysterbarron might be for you. Submit your own recording posing as a caller to one of Los Santos’ radio shows and the funniest top 3 will win prizes gifted via Steam!
The Sound Clash by oysterbarron

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