Community Roundup!

Only a few weeks into November and we’ve already had a GTA V packed month so far. A variety of press previews, a ton of screenshots and artwork, all topped off with a brand new trailer, has left the Community with plenty of information to discuss and dissect. The overwhelming amount of information is a lot to take in, but it has no doubt left fans with an unquenchable thirst to get their hands on the game this coming Spring.

Read on for the latest community roundup, compiled from our own GTA Forums

The introduction of Michael, Trevor and Franklin as the series’ first instance of multiple playable characters has split the Community in more ways than one. While their backgrounds are still not completely known, we can see they each have a distinct personality, and this has indeed shown us that Rockstar are taking Grand Theft Auto to even greater heights in terms of storyline. All fans have a different playing style, so one of the best things about this “bold new direction” is that every taste is catered for. Here’s a few opinions from some forum members on who their favourite guy is:

The reason why I like Franklin and I will play as him the most is because I feel I can relate to him, he is young and ambitious, and I think his story will be the most interesting out of the 3 protagonists. If you ask me, the main reason most people think he is bland is because they think he will be exactly like CJ, I liked Carl but I think Frank’s story will be much different to CJ’s story, like Dan Houser said, he is “the gang-banger in the post-gangbanging world” that’s what got me excited.
– Gtaghost22

I really like Michael because he reminds me of the retired Vercetti, who always has been my favourite character. He seems to be the brain in the group and seems more like a real, classy gangster like the old days. He is a criminal with style.
– Jimmarn

Trevor obviously has a messed up past. R* knows a psychotic protagonist like this (since it’s new to the series) will deserve an interesting level of depth. Just think, Tommy was a badass, but he didn’t revel in chaos. Tommy CONTROLLED chaos. CJ… I have to admit, came across a bit weak at times, but it made sense to his story. With Niko, we met a man confused with life. A man that yearned for peace of mind. His story was just the beginning of R*’s amazing new writing. Next, we had John Marston. A man who has made a lot of mistakes in life, and is trying to fix them. John’s ultimate testament was that karma is very much real, and that he could never escape his inner demons.
And now, in GTA V, we have a new man, a man with no morals. A man who has NEVER made a mistake in his life. A man who dances with his inner demons, and who revels in the dark, chaotic truths of the world. That man… is Trevor. What dark secrets will unravel from the fresh, intriguing depths of this new character? SPRING 2013 holds the answer. If I was to guess though, his story would be similar to Claude screaming just one word. Thought I forgot about that silent protagonist didn’t you? The way I see it, both Claude and Trevor are almost the same. Only difference is that Trevor can express himself a bit better.
– GTA-King

Topic Highlights:

The purpose of the Community Roundup is mainly to highlight topics and members from the GTAForums community that promote the best contributions, discussion and analysis. Find below some topics that should be on your reading list, especially if you’re looking to discuss all the details from the GTA V information released this past month.

Mapping Los Santos! Building/landmark analysis
Various Contributors

Firstly, we’d like to give a special mention to all of the contributors in the Mapping Los Santos topic. Still going strong since the first trailer was released last year, eagle-eyed members are quick to find the real life LA locations from every screen. This has given us the best insight we can have in what famous buildings, landmarks and areas will be included in the game. Thanks guys!

GTA IV vs GTA V graphics comparision

In order to give us a better view of the graphical changes from GTA IV to GTA V, RomanBOY123 has re-created the scenes from the recently released screenshots and played them out in Liberty City. The screenshots are from the PC version with maximum settings. If we compare them to the Playstation 3 screenshots of GTA V, we can see that there is a vast improvement in not only character and car details, but also in the scenery and general colour palette of the surroundings. Look forward to a more detailed article on these comparisons right here on in a few days or so.

Los Santos (2004) VS Los Santos (2012)

On a similar note, Cemetpuu has also re-created several screenshots, but this time to compare GTA V’s modern Los Santos to that of the original city in GTA San Andreas. With nearly 10 years between the two games by the time GTA V releases, it’s obvious there is going to be a huge difference. However, the comparisons are very well put together and it’s really interesting to see how far gaming has come.

GTAV Mythbusters!

One of the first things fans want to know when it comes to GTA V is what features will be in-game. While we’ve had a fair amount of information over the last few weeks, there is still plenty of material to draw only pure speculations from. Fact-finding members have been busy examining all of the recent previews, Q&As and interviews to organise the rumours into a Mythbuster’s style list of Confirmed, Plausible and Busted information.

Carrying on the database theme, some very handy topics listing vehicles and weapons featured so far have been drawn up by Azazel and Stephan123 respectively. We’ll be discussing these in more detail in the next Community Roundup, as we allow forum members to give their own insight into individual cars, planes, guns and more.