Assistance Maps, FAQs & Walkthroughs

If you visit our San Andreas forums, none of this will be new to you, but if you don’t, here’s some things that might help you through the game.

These maps were created by a few members of the modding community and posted at GTAForums. If you want to give any feedback please head there. These might not be fully accurate, especially the parked vehicles map, but coordinates were exported from the game to create these, so any inaccuracies are probably because of your game progress.

The San Andreas FAQ is still being updated by tehhunter and is a great place to check for answers or just read through and find things out. PlanetGrandTheftAuto also has an FAQ going.

If you haven’t read yet, 1UP put up a Mini Survival Guide, consisting of 3 parts, and which covers lots of useful aspects and is very well illustrated. I definitely recommend looking through this one.

And to top it off, GameFAQs already has 9 different general FAQ/Walkthroughs for the game, as well as 3 in-depth guides. If you’re stuck, have a look through those and your problem should be solved.